Subkultur: Was is Goth? The Amanda Palmer Edition.

Amanda Palmer
Totally not goth - Amanda Palmer. (Bild via Last.fm)

Neulich habe ich auf Twitter eine recht interessante Diskussion zwischen Amanda Palmer, Neil Gaiman und ihren Fans mitbekommen. Es ging darum, wie die Musik der Exzentrikerin wahrgenommen wird. Als sie von Fans als "Goth" beschrieben wurde, gefiel ihr das nicht besonders. Gleiches gilt für ihren Mann. 

Im Verlauf des Gesprächs wurden aber so viele verschiedene Ansätze geliefert, was Gothic heute ist/sein könnte, dass ich die Tweets mal gesammelt habe.

Am 10. Januar 2013 waren in Amanda Palmers Twitstream folgende Nachrichten zu lesen:

i wonder what ppl assume about what kind of music i make before they know what kind of music i make. also, people forget that i make music. 

sometimes i forget i make music 

oh, john. i was a fine songwriter, back in my day. sang a bit, too, and played piano. RT USER A you make what now? since when? 

sometimes I have to explain who are you and why I like your music so much, and I always wonder how to categorize it properly 

when people ask what genre music you make I try to explain but usually give up and say it's awesome instead  

really? they're in my roots. but i am Not Goth. RT USER D I mean seriously, I was expecting like Siouxsie Murphy Eldritch and sh*t 

hahahahah. i am not metal. i am so not metal. i am a different substance? RT USER E I assumed metal. Because you were on Roadrunner. 

I always describe you as Brechtian punk cabaret and follow puzzlement with, "She's hardcore rock-love, okay?" 

guilty. but also guilty: robert smith, peter murphy, neil gaiman. RT USER G Only a true Goth denies their Gothness! 

Am I goth? I don't think I am. It's the black clothes and the scary stories isn't it? And the hair. Bloody hair... cc  

Oh, Neil. You are not *a* goth. You ARE goth, THE THING. The dude who incarnated Death should know this. 

i think at this point, calling yourself a goth is like calling yourself emo, or a hipster. its confusing territory.

Wear something brown for a few photos and people will assume you're steampunk.  

goth, like punk, used to be a collection of people who flew a specific fashion flag & listened to a relatively narrow slice of music... 

...i personally believe goth ended in the late 80s/early 90s. it definitely evolved, but like punk, goth feels fundamentally anachronistic. 

once it hits the mall, it's been dead for ten years. RT USER J ...And then "Hot Topic" happened. 

Goth is a subculture that endures more than others - it's classy enough to wear well when you're older. Maybe it's a UK thing. 

I've spent years telling people I'm not goth or beatnik or anything else I'm simply from New York. We wear black 

hot topic doesn't even sell the same 'goth' stuff it used to. if you want scary jewelery, you're better off @ spencer's. 

I was friends with a lot of "goths" in high school, and I I though their fashion sense was damned cool. 

You should visit one of the Whitby Goth Weekends or various European festivals. ;) Ended? No. Mutated.. maybe. 

Also Hot Topic currently has "DRUGS, SEX & DUBSTEP" tee shirts. Maybe the "10 years" is getting shorter. :) 

:D RT USER Q Too classy and cultured to be goth. They can keep Manson, the rest of us artistic snobs will keep you two. 

goth in America transformed from a romantic dark and beautiful thing to scary face painting and parodies of Marilyn Manson 95 

Goth isn't dead. There wouldn't be a massive (German) scene and Wave-Gotik-Treffen that draws ±20,000 each year if it was. 

RT USER T Yeah I think 'Goth' is more a state of mind whose fashion sense and musical taste evolves with the each new generation. 

My definition is, if you're not having fun, you're emo. If you are having fun, you're goth. 

goth is on the inside. Rarely bother with a ‘look’ but humour/playlist remains 

Dann hat Amanda das Thema gewechselt. Ich bin mir sicher, einige Leute erkennen sich in den hier getroffenen Aussagen wieder. Schade, dass ausgerechnet Neil Gaiman meint, es wäre etwas Negatives als Goth bezeichnet zu werden. Aber wer weiß, er denkt vielleicht eher an die amerikanische Variante.
Wobei ich das gerade in den 90ern bei Marilyn Manson so berauschend fand.

(Ich habe nur die Namen der prominenten Gesprächspartner stehen lassen und den Rest anonymisiert. Nicht dass noch jemand meint, ich denk mir Gespräche aus.)

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