Photography x Comic: Death of a Glamour Girl - The Full Story.

Scene from Death of a Glamour Girl
To show my love and celebrate the new season of the critically acclaimed American TV series 'Dexter' I proudly present the first full comic meets photography story by Silent View.

In 'Death of a Glamour Girl' you meet two enticing characters named Elvira and Brian who share a special interest in killing. 

Brian & Elvira from Death of a Glamour Girl

I often thought of photoshoots as comic stories and finally with the help of Silent View and kgullholmen illustrations (a great comic artist himself) I got the chance to produce my own.

But enough with the talking for the moment. I know you all wanna read it.

The full 15-page comic book is available as a web-exclusive here:

Please feel encouraged to share it with all your friends and tell me what's your favourite scene. Oh, and if you have any trouble downloading, please let me know. I'll fix it.

While reading I recommend this song as the perfect soundtrack:


  1. Wow, große Klasse! Ich hatte letztens auch die Idee Comic und Fotografie zu vereinen. Allerdings würde ich das wahrscheinlich nie so toll hinbekommen. *hach* Toll gemacht … die Fotos von Silent View sind ja sowieso eine Klasse für sich … Du siehst hinreißend aus. Einfach nur Wow wow wow!

    1. Danke für das Kompliment! Es hat echt mehr Arbeit gemacht als ich dachte und ohne Silent View und kgullholmen wäre es nix geworden.

  2. I like that a lot, looks like you kids had fun shooting this. Are their any plans for a follow up yet?
    cheers, Bret

    1. hey Bret, I'm just happy we got this one finished. there weren't any talks of a future story - yet.

    2. Job well done. I think it was worth it. Showed this around to some of my freinds & colleagues, much praise from them too. Keep up the good work!

    3. Wow, that's encouraging! I'm already working on some new concepts.