Sehenswürdigkeiten NYFW AW12/13: Oscar de la Renta.

Designer: Oscar de la Renta
Season: AW12/13
Location: NewYork

What's the magic: There's a reason why the First Ladies of the US love to wear de la Renta's designs: All of his dresses have a sophisticated but still very poetic and feminine feel to them. I especially love the soft colour palette floating between antique pink, baby- and royalblue. The 60s-like egg-shaped skirts and the H-line dresses with medal appliqués would look good on Kate Middleton, too.
Residing in a pompous old landhouse belonging to some forgotten english dynasty is mandatory for these clothes anyway... Sitting on a cosy couch, chatting away the afternoon while looking like a delicious wrapped piece of candy. Yummy!

Personal twist: For a more edgy look I would style Oscar de la Renta's creations in a less girly way. Heavy boots and a sharp cut leather jacket will do the speaking and say "Don't mess with the pretty princess."

All runway pictures via Vogue.de

Gracia Patricia hätte in den Kleidern sicher auch fantastisch ausgesehen.

The outfits posted here should be seen as inspiration. I like to encourage everybody to go through their existing wardrobe and look for similar pieces or give old, unwanted pieces a DIY-treatment and create your own version of the looks shown above.

The reason why I chose the designs is that they meet my 'prunkge senses' perfectly. That means the cloths are a combination of early ideas of Grunge and Punk, ideally combined with an old-school Hollywood glamour, which makes you stand out from the crowd. I'm especially looking for quirky, intellegent and avantgardistic ideas. A good laugh here and their is more than welcome, 'cause I really am an advocat for ironic clothing.

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