Sehenswürdigkeiten NYFW AW12/13: Hervé Léger.

Designer: Hervé Léger
Season: AW12/13
Location: New York

Makes me think of: Sex! The only reason why I put those pictures up is because of the harnesses. I don't care for the famous Bandage dresses, never have. They're too american for my taste. Once you've seen one you know all the others. But what I actually care about are leather harnesses. I'm mad for them since years and tough I thought the hype is dead by now I'm happily surprised it's not. This stuff is perfect to give every outfit a strong and kinky or even intimate touch. I could wear those harnesses night and day. Not just in bed. Try it over a simple T-shirt or a summerdress with floral print and you're armed for everyday life.

Song I dedicate to the collection: I know it's tacky but a bit of 'S&M' by Rihanna is never wrong.

All runway pictures via Vogue.de

The outfits posted here should be seen as inspiration. I like to encourage everybody to go through their existing wardrobe and look for similar pieces or give old, unwanted pieces a DIY-treatment and create your own version of the looks shown above.

The reason why I chose the designs is that they meet my 'prunkge senses' perfectly. That means the clothes are a combination of early ideas of Grunge and Punk, ideally combined with an old-school Hollywood glamour, which makes you stand out from the crowd. I'm especially looking for quirky, intellegent and avantgardistic ideas. A good laugh here and their is more than welcome, 'cause I really am an advocat for ironic clothing.

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