Musik: What's worth a listen in January!

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2012 is musically like heaven so far - actually it feels like it's 1998 all over again with all of my favourite artists releasing amazing records and playing (hopefully) great live shows. Still one thing has changed: the internet is able to stir up a lot of controversy about certain artists and sometimes I have got the suspicion that one talent is written to death before it can fully evolve and that another is denied the deserved attention for reasons unknown to me. But that's showbiz, I guess. Anyway, I love what I love and hopefully inspire some of you to love the same, ha!

Lana Del Rey - Born to die

Lana Del Rey's first longplayer on a majorlabel was finally released these days and I'm very pleased with the result. This Valium sound is excactly what I was hoping for. While everyone seems to dump her after the Video Games Euphoria I'm still madly in love with Lana. Hope to catch one of her live performances this year. Oh, and she should collaborate with Mark Lanegan, they'd make a wonderful couple.

Mark Lanegan Band - Blues Funeral

Amongst my wunderful birthday gifts was a ticket for Mark Lanegan's show in Berlin. Can't wait to see him glued to the mic stand again, haha. When 'Bubblegum' came out I was so Hardcore Fan to follow him just to see three gigs in a row in two different countries. Here is the haunting official video for his perfect new Stoner Rock single 'The Gravedigger's Song'. The record with the great title 'Blues Funeral' will be out on Feb, 3.

Update: You can listen to the full stream of the album here.


A Place To Bury Strangers - Onwards to the wall

One great band missing on my 'Seen Live' list is coming to Germany, yeah! A Place To Bury Strangers play guitar sounds no one else produces at the moment - and they're said to be New York City's loudest band. I wouldn't mind being deaf for a couple of days after their performance in Berlin. The new EP 'Onwards to the wall' will be released on Feb, 7. You can listen to the stream here.

Got any other suggestions what's worth a listen? Use the comment section to tell me!


  1. Höre gerade das neue Lanegan-Album. Danke für den Link!

    Kira von K

  2. Your welcome girl. Bin überrascht vom elektronischen Einschlag den die Lanegan-Platte bekommen hat. Beim ersten Hören war ich spontan an The Knife erinnert, aber das liegt sicher an meinen Ohren.