Downer of the day: The Raveonettes sagen Konzerte ab.

Seit Erscheinen der ersten EP "Whip It On" bin ich riesiger Raveonettes-Fan, hab es aber bisher nie zu einem Konzert der Band geschafft. Daran wird sich so schnell auch nichts ändern, denn über Facebook erreichte mich gerade folgende, traurige Nachricht:

"As some of you may or may not know on August 3rd I was taken to the hospital due to severe back pain. I spent 4 days in the hospital and an MRI scan revealed a herniated disc in my lower back. After weeks of pain management I was finally able to start physical therapy and that seemed to help quite a bit and I was confident I could pick up touring again in September.
However, last week I started having severe shooting pains down my right leg and had no choice but to start spinal interventional treatments. And my doctor is strongly recommending that I stay in New York and continue the treatments to avoid further exacerbating or damaging my back and potentially needing surgery.
Sharin and I are very sorry to disappoint you by canceling these shows in Berlin, Hamburg, London and Denmark. We were looking very much forward to playing “Raven In The Grave” for you. But I hope you understand that my physical health is the main priority at the moment.
Rave On - Sune"

Ich hatte das schon befürchtet, nachdem Sune im August von seinen gesundheitlichen Problemen geschrieben hatte, aber die Enttäuschung ist trotzdem immens. "Raven in the grave" ist das beste Album, das ich in diesem Jahr gehört habe (auch wenn es zugegeben nicht viele Alben waren, die ich überhaupt gehört habe).

Hat jemand eine Idee für 'ne Ersatzbefriedigung?

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