Illustration: The world's greatest contemporary drummers.

The Unimpressed created three pics of people, whom he thinks are the world's greatest contemporary drummers. Find out about his reasons below the pics.

number 1: Gabe Serbien, of The Locust fame

Gabe combines a lot of things in his drumming: a rare, brutal power, yet absolute control and rhythmic precision. he'll get you from 280bpm blast beats in 5/3 through a 5.5 sec break to a 4/4 bass / snare crescendo and back to 280bpm 5/3 more accurate than Aphex Twin could do with his drum computers ...

Gabe Serbian's drumming is what keeps it all together in the ultra-violent hi-speed cacophony of screams, synths, distorted bass riffs and spastic guitars that is The Locust.

Mr Serbian has a great feeling for abstract, yet catchy grooves far from any transparent or repetitive metre ... and hell, he is faster than greased lighting could ever be.
I suggest you see these guys live, I guarantee that they will either blow your mind, or turn your eardrums into mush

he usually plays in his Locust uniform (full body suits with masks [link] ... even though he tends to drops the shirt a few songs into the set, the masks usually stays on) ...
so consider this a rarity

and if you don't know who the hell I'm talking about, or why a band called The Locust needs such an extra-ordinary drummer ... see the man in action by clicking here [link]

number 2: Brian Viglione, drummer for The Dresden Dolls

it's not easy being the other half of a duo, when the first part is a lady like Amanda Palmer. but Brian manages to make The Dresden Dolls a fully working duo, instead of keeping it at "Amanda and her drummer".

seeing him behind the kit is an experience in itself: Brian is not only a rather expressive drummer, he is a rather expressive multi-instrumentalist ... and backing vocalist.

he's someone who will get up from his drumming chair to beat the cymbal into oblivion for the last chords of a song. someone who pulls creepy faces when building a tom-crescendo with mallets. someone who will jump out from behind his kit and wip out a guitar if he must. and he is, above all, a virtuoso of subtle, tiny little drum rolls, rimshots and bell strikes ... not to mention his improvisation skills ...

Viglione brings just as much dark cabaret as brutal punk into the Dresden Dolls [link] ... making him the perfect add-on to Amanda's violent anarcho version of Brecht meets Tori Amos

see the man in action here [link] to see what I mean

part three: Zach motherf*ckin' Hill

You haven't heard any real drumming unless you have heard Zach Hill, the smellier half of Hella, pummeling the kit into oblivion. Considering what a sheer mass of projects the man is involved with ... you probably heard him if you're into actually good music (no, I do not consider Slipknot and metal 'good music').

The self-taught uberdrummer drums for Hella, Team Sleep, Goon Moon, Omar Rodriguez' latest project, Marnie Stern, The Ladies, Holy Smokes, Crime In Choir, as a solo artist (oh yes, and it's absolutely worth listening) and probably another handful of bands I forgot.

Alongside his collegue Spencer Seim, Hill created the musical pendant to an epileptic seizure: Hella, the probably most spastic accumulation of noise, highspeed rhythms and pure math you'll ever hear.

any description of Hill's drumming skill inevitably will fail to do justice to the pure insanity, speed, power and complexity of this man's skills. there is NO other drummer like Zach Hill ... he's the man people book for their drum tracks only to realize that their album has been turned from an XY album into an Zach Hill feat XY album, because it's that hard to live up to his drumming ... so see and hear the man in action



call me a fanboi (yes, I buy any record if it has him on drums ... got me into some really weird bands and artists), but this man is like the second coming of Christ ... as a drummer

We are working on a concept for a new special interest magazine, which will head in the same graphic direction and is set to be released in spring ... If you want to see more illustrations by the Unimpressed visit his deviantart account.

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  1. David King -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX_Iij8Eyts