Hair Style: Grey.

I know it's been a while, but I'm still in total awe with the grey hair trend. So I decided to put together some pics of hair styles in all shades of silver-grey. I'd like some icey cold light blue with white and silver streaks best on my head.

Pixie Geldof rocks the style in all variations. This is what Punk looks like nowadays:

Pink tried the grey colour too:

Styling suggestion by Lipperts Friseure:

Lady Gaga got grey more than one time and looks nice in the toned down make-up:

Kelly Osbourne embraces the granny style for months:

Models for Gareth Pugh at his latest collection:

Katie Shillingford, fashion editor at Dazed & Confused is said to have started the trend with her deep navy tips. Besides is another picture of Pixie Geldof:

Some random model from the Vogue website:

Andy Warhol lookalike, found by Facehunter:

Model for Dolce & Gabbana:

Models with grey streaks seen at Chanel:

Pictures via Stylecaster, Brigitte Woman, Facehunter, Vogue, Beaut, Stylist, JustJudyJudyJudy, Bellasugar, Dailyvenusdiva, Bras and Ranties.

I'll go through my magazine archive and see if I can scan more pictures of grey haired beauties.

If you're looking for more colourful inspiration just visit my Pinterest. I'm collecting lots of pictures there.

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